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What is CIQ of china?

CIQ is abbreviation of China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureaus, directly governed by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ).  

There are 35 CIQ-offices in China?ˉs 31 provinces, near 300 branches and more than 200 local offices across the country, with employees totaled over 30,000 in goods distributing center at seaports, land ports, and airports.

  • Duties and Responsibilities of CIQ:

    1. To carry out and implement the detailed rules for implementation, measures and working rules as specified in the laws, regulations and policies concerning entry and exit health and quarantine, animal and plant quarantine, and import and export commodity inspection, and be responsible for the entry-exit inspection and quarantine, appraisal, certification, supervision and law enforcement within areas under its jurisdiction.

    2. To implement entry-exit health and quarantine, infectious disease surveillance and health supervision; to conduct the prevention and control of infectious diseases at port; to implement vaccination and health examination on entry-exit personnel against certain infectious diseases.

    3. To implement inspection, quarantine, supervision and control on animals and plants, their products and other quarantine objects; to carry out epidemic monitoring and investigation; to transact the examination and approval of animal and plant quarantine as authorized by the AQSIQ; to adopt emergent preventive measures for animal and plant epidemics.

    4. To implement statutory inspection, supervision and administration on import and export commodities (including food); to inspect common packaging and packaging for dangerous export goods; to administer appraisal on import and export commodities; to appraise foreign-invested assets; to implement re-inspection on import and export commodities.

    5. To take charge of the sanitation and quarantine registration for the establishments that produce (raise or grow), process and store import and export food, animals and plants and their products; to implement import safety quality license and export quality license system; to carry out and supervise import and export product certification, system certification, laboratory accreditation and personnel registration.

    6. To carry out the entry verification for the civil commodities subject to import license system, and the exit verification for export and transit commodities.

    7. To carry out the sanitation supervision, quarantine supervision and related fitness inspection and verification for entry-exit means of transport, containers and vessels; to administer the sanitary and quarantine treatment for entry-exit means of transport, containers, packaging materials, bedding materials and commodities.

    8. To carry out the international agreements, conventions and protocols on inspection and quarantine as signed by the state, the related departments of the State Council and AQSIQ; to implement the TBT and quarantine agreements.

    9. To issue and supervise the entry-exit inspection and quarantine certificate, mark and seal; to issue the Generalized System of Preferences Certificate of Origin and the Certificate of Origin for export commodities.

    10. To take charge of the business statistics for entry-exit inspection and quarantine within areas under its jurisdiction; to investigate and collect the overseas infectious disease epidemics, animal and plant epidemics, as well as the quality of international commodities, and provide related information.

    11. To supervise and administer the foreign-oriented inspection and quarantine, appraisal and certification bodies (including Sino-foreign joint ventures and cooperative bodies), as well as sanitary and quarantine treatment bodies within areas under its jurisdiction.

    12. To take charge of the science and technology, standardization, and informatization concerning entry-exit inspection and quarantine, as well as the related international cooperation and exchange.

    13. To take charge of human resource management, education and training, foreign affairs, finance, infrastructure construction, material management, discipline supervision, spiritual civilization construction and ideological & political affairs.

    14. To undertake the other tasks as assigned by the AQSIQ. 

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    Important Note
    Due to the reorganization of the Chinese government in 2018,
    CFDA (China Food and Drug Administration) was renamed to NMPA (National Medical Product Administration), and its food supervision function has been transferred to SAMR (State Administration for Market Regulation of China);
    GACC (General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China) was abolished, and its import and export trade supervision function has been transferred to GACC (General Administration of Customs of China),
    Therefore, all
    CFDA and SFDA on this website default to NMPA, GACC defaults to GACC; 
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