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China CIQ Inspection process for importing paint products

Since 1 July 2002, China has put in place a system of registration, special testing and port-of-entry inspection on imported paint products. The Registration Form for Imported Paint Products is issued by institutions designated by the AQSIQ, and is only used during the importation inspection process. Paint products that are already registered are recognised at all ports of entry. If have no CIQ filing Number, The products will be either returned or destroyed, in accordance with regulations laid down by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ).

Supervisory authorities

1. AQSIQ is in charge of the inspection and supervision work for all imported paint products across the country. Entry-exit inspection and quarantine authorities at the ports are responsible for making inspections of imported paint products.

2. Special testing laboratories and registration institutions for imported paint products are designated by AQSIQ.

I. Application for registration

1. The manufacturers, importers and import agents (the applicants) of imported paint products may, according to their needs, apply for registration of their products at designated registration institutions.

2. Applicants should apply for registration at least 12 months prior to the importation date at designated registration institutions.

3. When applying for registration of imported paint products, applicants should complete the Application Form for Registration of Imported Paint Products. Applicants may download the form from the websites of designated registration institutions or the local bureaus of AQSIQ.

4. Applicants must submit the following items in filing a registration application:

¨C Application form for Registration of Imported Paint Products;

¨C A photocopy (stamped with official seal) of the applicant enterprise's legal business licence, and a photocopy (stamped with official seal) of the enterprise's legal business licence of the repackager of the imported paint product concerned;

¨C A written statement by the imported paint product manufacturer indicating that the contents of hazardous substances in the product conform to the requirements of the relevant Chinese laws and regulations;

¨C Relevant information (in Chinese) of the imported paint product, including basic ingredients, brand name, place of production, outward appearance, marks, name and location of the repackager, as well as repackaged product labels;

¨C Other information upon request.

II. Acceptance of application

1. Upon receiving an application, the registration institution should evaluate the eligibility of the applicant, review the application materials and issue an Acceptance or Non-Acceptance Notice within five working days. Applications that meet the prescribed requirements will be accepted; otherwise, applicants should provide additional information or make necessary amendments as stated in the Notice and submit a new application as needed.

2. After the registration application has been accepted, applicants should send in sample products as described in the application to be tested at the special testing laboratories designated by AQSIQ. The sample quantity should satisfy the relevant special testing requirements.

III. Special testing

1. Special testing refers to tests performed by special testing laboratories in accordance with China's National Standards, including: Indoor Decorating and Refurbishing Materials

¨C Limit of harmful substances of solvent coatings for wooden ware (GB 18581- 2001), Indoor Decorating and Refurbishing Materials;

¨C Limit of harmful substances of interior architectural coatings (GB18582-2001), Code for Indoor Environmental Pollution Control of Civil Building Engineering (GB 50325-2001), and the required inspection items regarding hazardous ingredients contained in paint products, as defined in relevant laws and regulations.

2. Items of special tests

Upon receiving samples from the applicant, special testing laboratories will carry out the required tests using specific methods as stipulated in the relevant rules. Within 15 working days a report on the special tests should be completed to indicate whether the paint product, as represented by the sample, is suitable for indoor decorating purposes. At least three copies of the report are to be issued, one to the applicant, one to the registration institution, and one to be kept on file in the laboratory.

IV. Registration filing

1. Upon receiving the report on the special tests, the registration institution should comment and sign the application according to the test results, within three working days. For those that pass the special tests, a Registration Form for Imported Paint Products will be issued with a comment on whether the product is suitable for indoor use. To those that fail the tests, an Acceptance or Non-Acceptance Notice will be issued.

2. The Registration Form for Imported Paint Products is effective for two years from the date of issue. Within that period, should any major incident occur that could affect the properties of the paint product, a new application for registration has to be submitted.

3. In any of the following situations, the registration institution may revoke the Registration Form for Imported Paint Products and suspend the eligibility of the applicant concerned for half a year.

¨C Alteration or forgery of the Registration Form for Imported Paint Products;

¨C Two incidents of serious discrepancies between the product fi led and the actual product as reported by inspection and quarantine authorities;

¨C Three counts of failure to pass random inspection carried out by inspection and quarantine authorities;

¨C The Registration Form for Imported Paint Products is to be used only for customs inspection and quarantine purposes upon importation of the product;

¨C Registration institutions should submit a summary listing of all registration forms issued and any relevant information to AQSIQ at the end of each month. An annual report should be submitted in a similar fashion, either at year-end or start of the following year.

V. Import inspection

1. Imported paint products should be handled according to the Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Regulations at the point of customs inspection and quarantine. A photocopy of the Registration Form for Imported Paint Products is still required for paint products that are already registered on file.

2. Port inspection and quarantine authorities should inspect paint products that are already registered on fi le, according to the following regulations. They will:

¨C Verify that the products match that described on the registration form. The verification process should include product name, brand, model number, manufacturer, place of production and label. Any misrepresentation that can be immediately corrected will be allowed. Otherwise, they will be processed as non-registered paint products;

¨C Randomly make inspections for special testing. For paint products of the same applicant and the same brand, the ratio of random inspections should be no less than 10% of all products imported annually. Random inspections of each imported batch should account for no less than 10% of each model and specification, according to import regulations. Products pulled are to be sent to special testing labs for testing. If they fail the test, then further testing is to be done for that brand and model until subsequent batches of the products pass the testing process for five consecutive times. After that, the original random inspection ratio will resume.

3. Port inspection and quarantine authorities may refer to GB3186-1982 (1989) for specific procedures. Products to be sent for special testing should be taken in two samples, one to be sealed and kept on fi le, the other to be used in special testing.

4. Paint products that pass the approval and random inspection processes will be issued a proof of entry-exit commodity inspection and quarantine by the port inspection and quarantine authorities, and may continue with other applicable customs procedures.

5. Imported paints that fail the approval and random inspection processes will be issued a certificate of inspection and quarantine by the port inspection and quarantine authorities. The receiving party must either return those products or handle them according to the requirements of relevant authorities.


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