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China CFDA registration application documents for Class 5.2 Imported Generic Drugs (2016 version)


A. Summary

1.Drug name
2.Certified document
2.1 Certified document of class 4 product by register classification.
2.2 Certified document of class 5.2 product by register classification.
3.Purpose and basis of subject selection
4.Self-assessment report
5. Listed Licensee information
6. Innovator product information
7. Package insert, drafting Instruction and related references
8. Design comps of product packaging and label.

B. Drug Substance (API)

9. (2.3.S, Note: Figures in bracket are numbers in CTD format, the same below) Summary of Pharmaceutical Study Information of Drug Substance (API)
10.(3.2.S)Pharmaceutical Applification Files of Drug Substance (API)
10.1£?(3.2.S.1)General Information
10.4.(3.2.S.4)Control of Drug Substance
10.5.(3.2.S.5)Reference Standards
10.6.(3.2.S.6)Container Clouser System

C. Drug Product

11. (2.3.P)Summary of Pharmaceutical Study Information of Drug Product
12.(3.2.P)Pharmaceutical Applification Files of Drug Product
12.1.(3.2.P.1)Description and Composition of the Drug Product
12.2.(3.2.P.2)Pharmaceutical Development
12.4.(3.2.P.4)Control of Expients
12.5.(3.2.P.5)Control of Drug Product
12.6.(3.2.P.6)Reference Standards
13.(2.4.P)Summary of Nonclinical Study Information of Drug Product
14. Summary of Nonclinical Applification Files of Drug Product
15. (2.5.P.)Summary of Clinical Study Information of Drug Product
16. Summary of Clinical Applification Files of Drug Product
16.1.(5.2)Summary of Clinical Trial Items
16.2.(5.3)Bioequivalence Test Report
16.2.1.( Bioequivalence Test Report
16.2.2.( Bioequivalence Test Report
16.2.3.( Report of Method Validation and Biological Sample Analysis
16.3.( clinical trial reports


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Since 1-Sep, 2018, CFDA (China Food and Drug Administration) has changed its name to NMPA (National Medical Product Administration). So, all CFDA and SFDA on this website default mean NMPA.  
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