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Our Services for disinfectant NHFPC(MOH) registration?

The NHFPC(MOH) requires that all disinfectant companies which located out of China must appoint a registered Legal Agent (LA, in-country regulatory representative). Appointed NHFPC(MOH) LA must be a legal entity and maintain a place of business in China. RJS MedTech. Inc. is eligible to be your LA in China with the help of our office in Beijing, Shanghai & Guangdong.
We are engaged in the fields of pharma products, medical device, health food,disinfectant  NHFPC(MOH) & CFDA registration angent service almost 10 years, help the dozens of manufacturers, hundreds of products to enter Chinese market. we know how to guide the manufacturer on preparation of Application Dossiers, and avoidance of failures and defects in registration procedure.

As your Chinese Legal responsibility registration Agent, we provide the following service:
1.        Evaluating whether your products can be registered in China without policy obstacles or illegal situations.
2.        Assessing how many fees and how long the procedure takes.
3.        Guiding how to prepare the data and information on Application Dossier.
4.        Reviewing the data and information provided by manufacturer/company, then estimating whether they meet the requirements of NHFPC(MOH) or not.
5.        Translating, compiling the Application Dossier in Chinese.
6.        Selecting labs that are NHFPC(MOH) approvedŁ¬and following up the disinfectant  testing procedures.
7.        Following up the NHFPC(MOH) disinfectant Evaluation Procedures.
8.        Tracking and handling the NHFPC(MOH) registration procedure, communicate with the NHFPC(MOH) reviewing officer timely to find out what is missing and do the supplement, then ensuring manufacturer/company could obtain the Import Disinfectant  Registration Certificate in time.
9.        Technical support.

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