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What is CNCA of china?

CNCA is abbreviation of Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People¨s Republic of China, CNCA is established by the State Council and is authorized by the State Council to exercise administrative responsibilities of undertaking unified management, supervision and overall coordination of certification and accreditation activities across the country.


      1.To draft and implement laws, regulations and rules related to certification and accreditation, safety license, hygiene registration and conformity assessment; To work out, promulgate and organize to implement policies, regulations and stipulations related to supervision and administration over certification and accreditation.

      2.To propose and organize to implement national policies, regulations and working rules related to certification,accreditation and conformity assessment; To coordinate and guide certification and accreditation activities across the country; To supervise and administer relevant accreditation bodies and personnel registration bodies.

      3.To draft the catalogue of products subject to China Compulsory Certification and Safety License System; To formulate and promulgate certification marks, conformity assessment procedures and technical requirements; To organize the implementation of China Compulsory certification and Safety License System.

      4.To be responsible for hygiene assessment of manufacturing and processing establishments of import-export food and cosmetics, and the actual registration thereof; To be responsible for notification of their registration and recommendation to foreign countries;

      5.To supervise and regulate certification market according to relevant laws; To supervise and administer voluntary certification as well as intermediary services and technical evaluation activities including certification-related consultancy and training; To be responsible for the qualification screening of, and supervision over certification bodies, certification consultancy bodies, certification training bodies, and inspection bodies that have businesses related to certification (including joint ventures, cooperative entities and wholly foreign-owned entities)according to relevant regulations; To supervise and administer operations of relevant bodies from other countriesregions within China in accordance with relevant laws; To accept, investigate complaints and appeals related to certification and accreditation and make prosecutions; To regulate and supervise certification activities, and to guide and promote the reform of providers of intermediary services related to certification.

      6.To administer the assessment and qualification approval of the technical competence of relevant calibration, testing and inspection laboratories; To organize the implementation of the assessment, metrological auditing, registration and qualification approval of laboratories responsible for entry-exit inspection and quarantine, and laboratories responsible for product quality supervision; To be responsible for the designation of certification bodies, testing laboratories and inspection bodies undertaking China Compulsory Certification and Safety License System; To be responsible for the qualification screening of the technical competence of calibration bodies, testing bodies, verification bodies, inspection bodies as well as quarantine bodies (including joint ventures, cooperative entities and wholly foreign-owned entities).

      7. To administer and coordinate international cooperation activities in the field of certification, accreditation and conformity assessment which are participated in the name of government; To represent China in the field of conformity assessment in relevant international or regional bodies, and be in charge of signing relevant agreements and protocols; To coordinate and supervise activities of international or regional conformity assessment organizations which are attended at the capacity of NGOs; To be responsible for conformity assessment-related work within ISO and IEC China National Committees.

      8.To be responsible for the research,promotion and implementation of international guidelines,rules and standards related to certification and accreditation; To collect and analyze information related to conformity assessment, certification and accreditation; To undertake WTO/TBT and WTO/SPS notifications and enquires related to certification and accreditation.

      9. To be responsible for research and standardization related to accreditation and conformity assessment, including certification, to set up and organize to implement relevant programs; To undertake routine work of the Technical committee of Standardization related to Certification and Accreditation; To manage the developing and revising of test standards

      used in import and export inspection; To organize to make standardization plans, to review and recommend new standards and revisions, and to be responsible for relevant statistics.

      10.To draft fee charts for certification and accreditation activities, and exercise supervision over the implementation jointly with other relevant government authorities.
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