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Required Documents of Health food SFDA Registration

1.  Health food registration application form.   
2.  A copy of legal registration certificate of applicants.  
3.  Product¡¯s Chinese name approval notification
4.  Letter of guarantee stating no infringement of preparatory rights
5.  Copy of trade registration certificate
6.  Product R&D Report
7.  Product formula and formula basis, and the origin and usage basis of raw and supplementary materials
8.  Effective ingredients/ representative ingredients, contents, and testing methods for effective ingredients / representative ingredients
9.  Diagram of productive techniques, detailed explanation (including original and translated version) and related research materials
10.  Product quality standards (corporation standards, including original and translated version) and its compiling explanation, and quality standards of raw and supplementary materials.  
11.  The category, name, quality standards, and selective basis of packing materials that in contact with products.  
12.  Test report issued by accredited organizations
13.  Sample product label and usage instructions
14.  Legal production qualification issued by country of origin
15.  Notarized letter of authorization to Chinese agent and copy of its business license or Registration of Rep.   Office of Foreign Company
16.  Marketing approval showing products has been sold in country of origin for more than 1 year
17.  Relevant standards of producing country (area) or international
18.  Samples of package, label, directions used in original country, and its Chinese version
19.  Other information helpful for evaluation
20.   Unopened samples of 3 Production batch.  

We can provide the file¡¯s format reference and guidance.  
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