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Medical Documents Translation Service

  Our Team:
With the solid medical background and international communication in medical fields, RJS Medical Technology Inc. offers long-term translation services for many famous transnational medical enterprises and obtains consonant favorable comments. 

  Our translation personnel:

Masters and doctors from famous medical universities in China and abroad are the core of the translation team of RJS Medical Technology Inc. Medical experts in different fields provide technical support and are in charge of the checkup of manuscripts in their fields. Professional people whose mother language is English act as translation counselors, which ensure accuracy, profession and quickness of the translation service.


Therapeutic Area
Basic medicine, clinical medicine, pharmacy, biological pharmacy, medical apparatus, cosmetics and health products, food hygiene, popular medical sciences, medical websites, and so on.

  Scope of Translation Services:

  1. Medical books, treatises, research papers, doctor/patient education booklets
  2. Import drugs instruction; dispensatory; detection reports, relevant preclinical experiment and clinical trail data
  3. Access to market techniques and law documents required by different governments
  4. Drugs and services of medical company for conference, publicity and promotion materials
  5. Hospital introduction, medical examination reports, consultation documents of doctors, case history, patient documents
  6. Instructions and service manuals of medical instruments, technological specification, propaganda color page

  Translation Service Flow-sheet

We believe our SOP is the foundation of high quality; we will adopt the SOP as follows for each manuscript:
First line translation ¡ú second line proofreading ¡ú specialty proofreading again ¡ú manufacture and typesetting ¡ú finial checkup ¡ú periodic maintenance
Our translated manuscripts can be reprinted.


 Ask for translation

Marketing Department

 Negotiate business with client ¡ú Classify ¡ú Item analysis ¡ú Establish translation team


 Determine first line translation personnel ¡ú Translate
 Determine second line proofreading personnel¡ú First checkup
 Determine specialist for checkup ¡ú Second checkup
 Manufacture£¨tables¡¢figures, etc.£©and typesetting
 Determine specialist for checkup ¡úFinial checkup ¡ú Approval ¡úTypesetting

Marketing Department

 Hand over manuscript


 Confirm manuscript ¡ú Feedback

Marketing Department

 Periodic maintenance

  Our security system:
The work mechanism of RJS Medical Technology Inc. ensures the safety of clients¡¯ manuscript. Our special security measures and flow-sheet outstrip every detailed ¡°security agreement¡±.
During and after the translation, all involved personnel will scrupulously abide by the professional ethics all the time, and handle the manuscript(including fax, hard copy, data format documents) appropriately according to client¡¯s requirement and our security measures in order to meet your security requirement.

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