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Introduce of Pet Feed(cat,dog food) China MOA register

Keeping pets has become something of a vogue in China as living standards improve,     According to china pet industry market report, the number of dogs and cats and other pets amounted to 70 million ,  pet products sales amounted to 50 billion RMB yuan, and 30% annual growth rate.

If you want to sell your pet food products to china huge market, the first thing you must to do is the MOA registration.

According to the Administrative Measures for Registration of Feed and Feed Additive Imports released by the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), feeds refer to products, including simple feeds, additive pre-mix feeds, feed concentrates, formula feeds and concentrate supplements,  processed and manufactured by industrial means for the purpose of feeding the animals, while feed additives refer to small or micro amounts of substances, including nutritional feed additives and general feed additives, added during the processing, manufacturing and use of feeds. Pet food is also classified as feeds.

The Administrative Measures stipulate that an overseas company exporting feed and feed additives to China for the first time must apply to the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) for import registration. It will be issued an import registration certificate. It may not sell or use such feeds within the territory of China before obtaining this certificate. The imported feeds and feed additives must be packed and the packaging must comply with China's safety and hygiene regulation and have Chinese labels that are in conformity with the relevant regulations. An overseas company should appoint a MOA registration agent within the territory of China to apply for import registration.


l    There are 8 type of feed products need MOA registration in China, namely:

 (1) The single feeds

(2) Feed additives

(3) Pre-mixture feed

(4) Formula Compound feed (inc. dry & wet pet food )

(5) Concentrate feed

(6) Concentrate supplement

(7) feed from animal sources.

(8) Protein feed, energy feed and the mixtures


l  Feed or feed additives (pet food) registration, according to whether the raw materials and additives which have been licensed for use in China, are divided into two types:

(1). General feed or feed additives MOA registration :.

(2). New feed or feed additives MOA registration (China has not yet allowed).



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