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Application Dossiers requirements for Pet Food China MOA register

Applicants must provide the following documents (in both English and Chinese and, unless otherwise specified, provide the original and one photocopy, with the English original issued by the manufacturer) together with product samples.

1) Feed and Feed Additive Import Application Form;
2) Proof of approval given by the manufacturing country (region) for production and sale in this country (region) and registration details in other countries (regions) (must be notarised and authenticated);
3) Letter of attorney for registration issued by the manufacturer to the agent;
4) List of raw materials composition and active ingredients;
5) Explanations of processing flow chart and manufacturing method;
6) Quality standards, inspection methods and samples and test reports of three batches of products;
7) Explanations on the scope of application of the product, the amount of additives and other particulars;
8) Explanations on labelling, packaging specifications, particulars about storage, and best-before day; and
9) If Products that have not yet been registered in the manufacturing country (region) or have been approved for production and use in the export country (region) but have not yet been granted approval for use in China, will be evaluated by experts at the time of registration. The following documents (the original and two photocopies) should also be submitted:

a) Official document issued by the manufacturing country (region) approving the use of that product or the use of that active ingredient as feed additive (photocopy);
b) Product overview;
c) Test report of the chemical structure of the active ingredients of the product and the animal, plant and microorganism classification and identification report;
d) Sample of product description;
e) Product stability test report;
f) Product feeding test report and promotion and application report;
g) Product safety assessment test report; and
h) Major references.
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