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China CFDA Permitted Food Additives Search Analysis System
China CFDA Permitted Food Additives    Colors   Flavors  Nutritional Supplements
All foreign food facility and exporter need AQSIQ register; Prepackaged food need CIQ chinese label filing; Special food need CFDA registration, such as Dietary Supplements (Health food), Infant formula, FSMP etc. Animal Feed (Inc Dog,Cat food), GMO need MOA register; Diary,Meat,Aquatic products manufacturer need CNCA registration; And all food ingredients should be the CFDA permitted ingredients, food products quality need meet the requirements of Food Safety GB standards.
  •  China CFDA Permitted Food Additives :Color
  • Code Food Additive Name Chinese Name Source Function Content Limit %
    160c paprika oleoresin ֬ Flavor enhancerColor
    rose laevigata michx brown ӣ Color
    127 erythrosine, erythrosine aluminum lake ޺켰ɫ Color
    100ii turmeric Color
    110 sunset yellow,sunset yellow aluminum lake Ƽɫ Color
    gardenia yellow ӻ Color
    red kojic rice, monascus red ף Color
    161b lutein Ҷ Color
    104 quinoline yellow Color
    new red,new red aluminum lake º켰ɫ Color
    monascus yellow pigment ɫ Color
    141ii chlorophyllin copper complex, sodium and potassium salts ҶͭΣҶͭ Color
    spirulina bluealgae blue, lina blue ˮ Color
    orange yellow ٻ Color
    124 ponceau 4Rponceau 4R aluminum lake ֬켰ɫ Color
    160e -Apo-8-carotenal £ӣ8ܲȩ Color
    sorghum red Color
    carthamins yellow Color
    160d(i) lycopene Ѻ Color
    102 tartrazinetartrazine aluminum lake ʻƼɫ Color
    gardenia blue Color
    cocao husk pigment ɿɿɫ Color
    paprika red Color
    lac dye red (lac red) Ͻ죨潺죩 Color
    uguisukagura red Color
    123 amaranth,amaranth aluminum lake Ȳ˺켰ɫ Color
    radish red ܲ Color
    163ii grape skin extract Ƥ Color
    tomato red Ѻ Color
    black bean red ڶ Color
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